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serie SMD2520 - SMD3225

applications: DSC, DVC , PDA products.
PCs.hard disk drives and computer peripherals.
Telecom devices. TV circuits. Test equipment

serie SMD4532 - SMD5650

applications: Communication including xDSL and mobile base stations. Onboard automobile equipment Including car audio
and ECU systems. Audio-visual equipment including TVs and VCRs. Other electronic equipment including HDDs and ODDs

serie SMDMS

applications: TVs, VCRs and digital cameras.
Xdsl and mobile base stations.
Car audio and ECU systems. HDDs and ODDs.

serie SMW

applications: DSC,DVC,HDD,LCD, portable telephones.
Game equipments, various audio-visual equipments .
various communication equipments, etc.

serie SMTSDR

applications: Pagers,Cordless phone.
.High Freq.Communication Products.
.Personal computers.
.Disk Drives and computer peripherals.
.DC power supply circuits.

serie SMTBW104-105-125-134

applications: Notebook /Desktop/server applications.
Battery Power equipment  DC/DC converters,
Power supplier, etc

serie SMTER

applications: Computer and portable power devices.
Energy storage applications. DC/DC converters.
Input – output filter application.



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