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3L Electronic Corporation
















Quality Assurance

Certificazioni ISO
Dichiarazione Reach

Our goal

to make the name 3L synonymous with outstanding inductor technology and fast

growing business performance in world class-Let our employees, customers and investors be

proud of us.

Our Products

3L develops, manufactures and markets all the Inductors / High End Transformers. These

products process Energy Storage, Power Supply Control, Noise Filtering, Circuit protection and

Resonant Frequency Application. They are indispensable to all electrical and electronic

equipment. We offer a broad portfolio that covers both customer and application-specific

solutions and standard products.

Our Long Term Goal

3L hope our Employees may get Achievements, Skill Upgrade and Satisfied Reward. Hope our

Customers may treat 3L as a reliable and trustable partner. Hope our Investors may get profit

and sustainably increased shareholder value. To be a professional company, 3L hope to make

more contribution on our professional field, Inductors and High End Transformers, to the current

and future world.

Our Mid Term Goal: In 3 years, to 2012.

Finance:Sales volumes double grow to NTD$ 2 billion/year. Sales profits grow to 15% of annual

turnover on average.Go public in Taiwan.

Customer:Every Key Performance Indexes for Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service have the

improvement more than 30%. Process:Production and process efficiency has improved by 30%

min; Waste has been saved more than 30%. Paperless approval and BSC Kaiban management

have been implemented.

Learning & Growth:Improvement proposal value has been raised to 300%. Trained Employees

with professional skills have been doubled. Labor turnover rate has been cut to half. In- time

reward has been implemented in 7 days on average.

Our Short Term Goal:

Please refer to “2010 Strategies and KPI Summary “ in Balance Score Card.

Our Logo:

3L = Improvement Lasting, Production Leaning and Customer Leading

Our Strategies:

Sustained Learning, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction, Endless Development.

Our Point of View/Mission statement:

Finance(Endless Development): Keeping growth in sales volume & market share; benefit all 3L

customers, suppliers, employees and investors.

Customer (Customer Satisfaction): Always listening the VOC (Voice of Customers) and fulfilling

and satisfying customers’needs.

Process (Continuous Improvement): Continuously improving Critical Success Factors (CSF) of

QCDS and providing the better products and services.

Learning & Growth (Sustained Learning): Keeping individual / organizational learning/growth

and creating) competitive advantages in professional field






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